Audi A7- Audi 2012 of America

Audi A7 is sport back which is an executive car. It was launched at the 2010 Paris Motor show. Audi A7 provides the feeling of sporty look along with superior safety features. The sport back benefits include construction of body with lightweight technology which includes construction of car’s body parts with lightweight aluminium including elements of doors, bonnet, wings and tailgate.



However the lightweight construction of car doesn’t compromises with the safety measures. Specific zones that require reinforcement have panels of varying thickness ensures strength in the case of a collision.

The brand new Audi A7 is expected to come with both diesel and petrol variants.

Audi A7 3.0 TFSI Quattro is a petrol version. It has a 2995cc engine and generates power of 300 PS@ 5250-6500 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 440 Nm@ 2900-4500 rpm. Audi A7 is having another diesel variant having 3.0 TDI Quattro 6 cylinder 2967 cc engine. It generates a maximum power of 245 PS@4000-4500 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 500 Nm @1400-3250 rpm. The TFSI technology provides superior power with more dynamic performance and better economy from petrol engine.  TFSI technology provides the same sporty performance but consumes 10-15 % less fuel. The Audi A7 has extremely beautiful exteriors and interiors. The sporty exterior provides strong look from distance.


Audi A7 3.0 TDI Quattro -64,00,000 .00
Mercedes Benz SLK Class SLK 350 -66,64,414 .00



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    The Passat and the Audi use to be the same vehicle back in 2009. For 2009 the Audi was coetelpmly redesigned and share very minor things with the VW. The engine on the Passat is the old 2.0 which has 200hp/207 lb of torque, the A4 engine is the new 2.0 which is direct injected, and has 211hp/258 lb. torque and is also more fuel efficient. Both cars are comparable, and you can probable get a Passat better loaded for less money than you would an Audi. Both great cars though, both handle great. The Audi is of course more luxurious and the interior is much more higher class, if not a little complicated with some of the buttons and MMI interface. The Passats interior is great but not as high class as the Audi one (since its the same company, Audi being VW group luxury line). Hope that helped, both are great cars so good luck.

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