Audi Q7 -An Excellent SUV

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 have got a great success in designing a SUV (sports utility vehicle) i.e. Q7. Audi, being always curious about giving a attractive look to the vehicle, have succeeded in giving a great look to the SUV. The Audi Q7 satisfies all the expectations of a owner who prefers a SUV. It have a good space, offers luxury, very comfortable, and durable too.



The Audi Q7 is given a great sporty look. The contrast bumpers and radiator front grille provides a great look. It have a great shape that make a good grip over the rough road even. It is perfectly designed for rough and daily users. The diesel engine provides a torque of 500 NM and a power of 233 PS that. The top speed of the car is 210 kmh.

The interior is designed very carefully so that it could have all the comforts that a SUV should have. It is provided with aluminum and wooden interior, adjustable seats, climate control, roof top AC for rare passengers, shoulder rest, multi media interface, abs(anti breaking system, airbags, center locking.

Interiors of Audi Q7


The riding and handling is made very comfortable. It supports four by four wheel drive that provides a great power to the car, so that it can be derived on all types of terrains. Special types of hydraulics’ and shock absorbents are also installed, that provides a great comfort to the rider.

  • Audi Q7 

Audi Q7 3.0 TDI quattro -55,35,000 .00
Audi Q7 4.2 TDI quattro -66,56,000 .00


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