Beijing international auto show 2012 – Foreign and Domestic Car Makers

84 domestic car brands and 36 foreign car makers premiered their vehicles in the grand International Automotive Show in Shanghai. The gala event of Beijing international auto show 2012  will be continued till May 02, 2012. The event had 1,125 vehicles on display on the huge area covering 230,000 square meters.

Foreign carmakers in Beijing international auto show 2012

The maximum number of stalls in the show was booked by the largest passenger car maker in China, Volkswagen. The group Volkswagen booked a grand area of 9,600 square meters to display their leading eight brands Porsche, Skoda, SEAT, Lamborgini, Bugatti, Bentley, Audi, and Volkswagen.

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The eight brands of the Volkswagen Group included 31 cars which included most talked Cross Coupe, E-Bugster electric car and new Lavita. These cars were displayed in the third area of the hall. The Volkswagen Group has planned an investment of $18.2 billion to expand the capacity of manufacturing the vehicles. They are progressing aggressively to move up their output in China.


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US Carmaker Ford Motors lined up with its 3 latest SUV cars in the Beijing international auto show 2012 .  Ford Motors recently tied up with Chang’an Automobile Group (China) and Mazda to expand their capacity. The Ford Motors will open a new plant in Chongqing and invest $600 million yuan for that.

Italian Car Maker Fiat was absent in the Beijing Auto Show 2011 but returned this year with their car Viaggio. Fiat has produced this car in collaboration with Guangzhou Automobile Group. Fiat Vaggio is a compact car and is expected to arrive in the market somewhere round September this year.


Domestic Car Makers in Beijing international auto show 2012

The domestic market of car makers in China lapsed due to the tax breaks last year. It was mostly the small cars which used to bring the benefits for the domestic car makers.

Chery Automobile Co based in Anhui showed its 20 models in the Beijing Auto Show 2012. Some of its most admired brands were Riich G2, Cowin 5, new Eastar, and Tiggo. The company also displayed two concept vehicles.


BAIC Group displayed its mid-sized sedan in the Beijing Auto Show 2012. This car owned most of the Beijing marquee. BAIC brought C70G which is basically Saab Reborn.




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