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Beijing International Auto Show 2012 will start from tomorrow, 27 April 2012. The auto show 2012 will last for 5 days and will end 02 May 2012. The quickly expanding car market in China has made Beijing Auto Show 2012 an important event for the car lovers.

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Leading German Car Maker BMW will also bring up its models in the Beijing Auto Show 2012. BMW is bringing its new series of Sedan cars and other three models. These new BMW cars will be making their Asia premier at the grand international automotive show of Beijing international auto show 2012.

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The event is going to be a gala event as not just the gorgeous cars, but many gorgeous girls are also going to take part in Beijing Auto Show 2012.

The high performance car Audi RS Q3 Concept car will be showcased for the first time in China for this event. Along with this wonderful car, Audi is also going to showcase its electric car A6 e-tron. This car is the electrical version of Audi A6.

Mercedes will bring its Concept Style Coupe in this grand automotive show of year 2012. BMW i8 Concept was however premiered online in the New York Auto Show 2012 but it will be showcased personally in the Beijing international auto show 2012.

Famous Land Rover will debut the Range Rover Evoque in Beijing international auto show 2012 which was first styled at Victoria Beckham at the show.

Toyota will bring Fun-Vii concept in the event. Lamborghini will come up with its Urus. Urus is the first SUV car from Lamborghini. The company is expecting a huge market for Urus in China after being showcased in Beijing international auto show 2012.

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Bentley will come up in the event with the controversial EXP 9 F Concept car. Company has announced this car to come up with many new features.

I have enlisted top ten cars to be showcased in Beijing Auto Show 2012

Chery TX


It is one of the most admirable cars, the Chinese had to offer. This SUV is definitely the most coherent looking cars in the show.


BMW i8 Spider


Although we have seen of this before, this model is without its roof that was present earlier. This car was one of the highlights of the show.


3. Citroen Numero 9



The manufacturer of Citroen must have realized that the fate of their large cars has to be in China. The 56 meters long ‘shooting brake estate’ Citroen Numero 9 is definitely one of the reflections of how seriously Beijing Auto Show is being taken by Citroen.


Lamborghini Urus

This huge SUV even longer than the BMW X8, is powered by a V10 engine and must have a top speed of above 180 mph. This may well be the biggest deal amongst the cars in the Beiojing Auto Show.


MG icon

Although very striking to the eyes, the MG Icon has a lot many of its resemblance to the MGB. Meant to be the opponent of Nissan Juke, the ‘retro’ tag must have reduced its popularity a little bit.

Mercedes Concept Style Coupe

This Mercedes Concept Style Coupe, better known as the CLA, will surely present with the kind of style that the CLS are recognized for.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive; (BR 197); Paris 2012

VW E Bugster

Volkswagen E Bugster is a Beetle with its rooftop vanished. Meant to be a preview of the convertible version due this year, the charisma of this car has been reduced for sure despite the applause it has got in the show.


Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque cost around £80000, received unexpected welcome from even the world’s press was definitely increased due to its revelation by Victoria Bekham.


Flat Viaggio

The Flat Viaggio has a turbocharged engine of 1.4litre capacity. This neat piece of motor is meant for China only.


Skoda Rapidskoda-rapid

This version of Skoda Rapid is well resolved and carries forward the brand’s tradition. Although seen before in hatchback, a better cabin quality will surely make it a success.

Beijing International Auto Show 2012


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