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Top 10 Car Stereo

What do you need the most when you are going on a long drive with your beloved? If you ask me I would first say a good sound system in my car and trust me even my husband will say the same. J. When we bought our car the sound system was not that good and the first thing my husband did after buying that car was to add car stereo Subwoofers in that to get a powerful sound output.

You know what; it is a great option to turn your ordinary sounding car stereo system into a powerful and great sound stereo system. Usually the stereo that come with the cars are less powerful and provide a limited range. If you are a music freak like us this piece of writing may help you. I am going to tell you about a few tips which my husband use to add car stereo Subwoofers. What he always look for is a high degree bass making our eyeballs vibrate.

I am here with a list of Top 10 Car Stereo Subwoofers

I don’t know using the word ‘Best’ is right or not here but these ten car stereo Subwoofers actually the ten top rated ones. While looking for the car speakers what my husband usually sees is the size of the speaker. He always says ‘Bigger is always better’ (I am talking about the car speakers mind it J ).

As per my husband’s thinking Bigger speakers, Bigger thump and Bigger power are three major aspects of a car stereo, but do not forget to check the quality of speaker as it is the top most requirement.

Let’s proceed with the list –

Top 10 Car Stereo Subwooferss


  1. Polkaudio DB1222- This is a dual set up with a 12 inch enclosed quality assembly. You will get a great output for whatever wattage you throw into it. You can buy this top rated Car stereo Subwoofer from Amazon Bazaar or Crutchfield at $299polkaudio.


2.Lanzar MAX15D- These are slightly bigger than Polkaudio Subwoofers having a 15- inch enclosure. Rated at 1200 watts these car stereo Subwoofers feature a rubber suspension, paper cone and a vented/bumped structure giving a good output. You can get this high rated car stereo Subwoofers from Amazon Bazaar or from Google products at $48.

3.Pyle PLSQ10D- This is a square shaped car stereo Subwoofers having a 12 inch enclosure. It can handle 1200 watts power and are less pricey than Lanzar car Subwoofers. You can buy them from and at Crisp Deals at $37.

4.Bazooka BT1214- This is again a 12 inch car stereo Subwoofers having a cylindrical housing. The cylindrical design makes this Subwoofer more directional as compared to the other car stereo Subwoofers. However they are highly priced but if you are looking for a powerful sound output at a narrow arc you must get these. They are tagged at the price range of $119 at Amazon.

5.Pioneer TS-W308D2- This car stereo Subwoofers stays true for its name. I mean to say that it is a true pioneer Subwoofers as it has a 12 inch enclosure and an outstanding capacity of 1400 watts. You can get it at eBay at the range of $69.

6.Pyramid PW877X- This is a small car stereo Subwoofers with just an 8 inch enclosure and if you are wondering why I added it in the list of top 10 car stereo Subwoofers, let me tell you that its low price and the compact size makes it worth buying. Though it has the power of 400 watts maximum but it is available at a surprising cost of $16. You can get it from

7.MTX Jackhammer 22- Now this is a real pricey one. Go for this car stereo Subwoofer if you can shell out $7000. This is an incredible 22 inch car stereo Subwoofers which is capable at handling 6,000 watts and responds well at high frequency of 150 Hz.

8.Clarion SRW8000 32″- this is a real big one with a 32 inch enclosure. It can handle 12,000 watts at peak and is available at $6000.

9.Alpine SWR-1023D- This range of car stereo Subwoofers have a brilliant sound quality and a great power handling. The clean sound and immense power makes the Subwoofers worth spending $115.

10.Kicker CVR122 – This is a 12 inch dual coil car stereo Subwoofer which can handle 800 W power. The injection molded cone and double stit in the Kicker Subwoofers brings out great powerful sound. You can get it at $149.

So this was the list and let me tell you the truth that I have enlisted them after a thorough research. We have Lanzar MAX15D car stereo Subwoofers in our car and trust me it really spruce up our long drives. All we need are some good romantic songs in our pendrive. I would love to know which Subwoofers you are using in your car

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