4 Magnificent Cars for July 2014 which will make you say WOW!!!

Cars for July 2014. As you all know, I am a huge Automobile fan and my views about the domestic market days that this Month, July 2014 is gonna be huge and exciting. The domestic market will be consisting of 6 new car models from various Car manufacturers. The 6 cars range for July 2014 is from Hatchbacks to SUVs and once you’ll have a look at July 2014 Automobile schedule, you’ll just fall down of your seats or chairs with enthusiasm.

Here are the 6 major cars for July 2014 that are gonna make you fall of your chairs!!! Sounds interesting, right?

4 Magnificent Cars for July 2014

Porsche Macan

Oh yeah!!! Guys, lemme ask you something. What name comes in your mind when you are alking about royal cars? I don’t know about all you but Porsche is the name that rises in my mind. Though which was touted as the worst SUV by Porsche (Porsche Cayenne Sports SUV), the company had a huge business profit with it.

The latest Model by Porsche, Porsche Macan is designed to target their Indian lovers which is said to be a scaled down version of Porsche Cayenne on the basis of prices.

The current report says that for now, Porsche is not in a mood to launch it in India and you are gonna get it through completely built unit import way like the Hyundai Santa Fe.

BMW 7 Series Hybrid

cars for july 2014

Image credits: Car And Driver

Here, it would not wrong to repeat the sentence I said in the first para of Porsche Macan, that when we are talking about cars, BMW is one of the names that rises in our minds. Well the latest news says that BMW is gonna launch BMW 7 series along with a powerful Hybrid engine to lower carbon footprint and to ease operations for Bravarian beast on July 23, 2014.

The 3 litre petrol engine will be accompanied by an electric engine to power up the car to its best at low speeds. The benefit with the Hybrid version is that it is giving a starting mileage of 14.7 litre/km.

The approx. price decided for now for BMW 7 Series Hybrid is Rs. 1 crore and the car will be available only in the CBU version.

The BMW 7 Series Hybrid will cost approximately Rs 1 crore and will be available only as a CBU.

Tata Zest

Image Credits: Car Trade

Over the past few years, Tata is keeping an eye over the Domestic market built up by Maruti Suzuki Swift and Honda Amaze and in this summer season, I mean in this month itself, it is set to launch its own sedan model, resembling Honda Amaze and Maruti Suzuki SWIFT DZire.

Tata Zest boosts its potentiality with its Turbo petrol engine including an automatic gearbox and a touch screen user interface for entertainment. Despite of all these, it also comes with a turbo diesel variant whose interiors are said to be much advanced, professional and attractive than the usual Tata cars.

The current reports are saying that the car will hit the market this month and the starting price of the car will be 5 lakhs.

Volkswagen Polo Facelift

Image Credits: Auto Car India

Unlike the other models I’ve listed in the list of cars to be launched in 2014, Volkswagen is not launching a new model but is boosting its older car, Volkswagen Polo, with a brand new look which was launched 5 days ago. The model is named to be Polo Facelift and is getting a new 1.5 liter turbo diesel engine among other smaller changes.

The most competitive car against Volkswagen Polo Facelift would be Nissan Micra when it comes the power, hatchback settlement and performance.

The approximate price for Volkswagen Polo Facelift would be about Rs 6 lakh.

Bottom line

So here is a comprehensive list of the top 4 cars for July 2014 which have struck the US Domestic market this month. Along with them, I’ve listed their basic and major features, noticed after buying any type of Automobiles and their prices too!!! Hope it all helps!!! Cars for July 2014.

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