Beauties Of 2012 Pageant Of Power Car Race

Beauties Of 2012 Pageant The car racing flair is still in the air and almost all race circuits and race tracks that are a force to reckon with are gearing up for the racing season. One such recent event was the 2012 Pageant of Powerthat featured the fastest and the sleekest racing sports cars. Caterham’s […]

Ferrari Enzo – Hottest Ferrai Car verEver

Ferrari Enzo A word Ferrari strikes directly in our mind whenever we talk about good famous sports cars throughout the world. The company is famous for designing racing cars. By now Ferrari has developed such a good position in the market that it is treated as a symbol of luxury and good wealth. Ferrari Enzo […]

Ferrari 458 Italia China Cars To Be Revealed In Shanghai

Ferrari 458 Italia China Cars To Be Revealed In Shanghai Ferrari 458 Italia China is one of the most favorite brand of car enthusiasts. The 348 TS was the first Ferrari ever to enter the Chinese soil about 20 years from this date in 1992. At the Ferrari Exhibition in the ‘Shanghai World Expo Park’s Italia […]

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Was The Spark in Geneva Motor Show 2012

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Was The Spark At the Geneva motor show 2012, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is going to make its debut by a video release.  The new launched car by Ferrari can be perfectly introduced as an ideal replacement of the Ferrari 599. Maranello exposed its marvelous supercar having large front-engine V12 at this show […]

Ferrari 458 Spider Modified With New Aerodynamic Kit

A new aerodynamic kit was announced today by Novitec Rosso for Ferrari 458 Spider car. The car has got a complete makeover which includes a new suspension, the all new aerodynamic kit, cosmetic upgrades and new power. Ferrari 458 Spider now has a completely new with the carbon fiber parts, exterior mirrors, ventilation grille, and […]

Ferrari F12 berlinetta in Beijing Auto Show 2012

Huge crowds were seen on the Ferrari stands in the Beijing Auto Show 2012. It was the ravishing cars from Ferrari the HY-KERS and Ferrari F12 berlinetta which grabbed the attention of people present in the show. The magnificent car from Ferrari F12 berlinetta made a grand success in the Geneva Motor Show 2012 and now […]