The Battery Market

car batteries

Today, whilst the technology itself may be the same principle, the way in which is implemented has resulted in batteries of a sealed ‘non maintenance’ type, most commonly known as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Valve Regulated Lead Acid or, VRLA Batteries are sealed for life, there is no topping up and only minimal maintenance […]

New Coating Technology Promises Self Car Cleaning

Self Car Cleaning Impending technology brings something new for us every next day and this time researchers have developed an innovative coating for cars which will promises self car cleaning and will help your pocket by evading the cost of frequent repainting and also relieve you from the irksome duty of car cleaning frequently.   […]

8 Great iPhone Apps For Car Owners

8 Great iPhone Apps For Car Owners iPhone revolutionized the cell phone market and became the most sought after Smartphone. It is good looking, ergonomic and functions beyond imagination. But that is not all that iPhone helps us with as it more than just a phone or even a Smartphone. The applications that you access […]