Top 10 Cars For Senior Citizens – Old Men On Wheels

Nissan Versa

Top 10 Cars For Senior Citizens – Old Men On Wheels For a long time, automakers would go by a ‘rule’ which said that seniors could drive just about any car that more age-appropriate people drove. Why, they could even drive a teenager’s car for all they knew. And this rule dragged on, and the [...]

Fastest Cars In The World Under 100 K


When we talk about the fastest cars in the world, the only name which flashes in our minds is Bugatti Veyron but at the same time it is also the most expensive car in the world and only a few people can afford to own it. After writing about top 10 cars in many categories [...]

Nissan Sunny


Nissan Sunny Nissan Sunny XE -5,88,000 .00 Nissan Sunny XL -6,98,000 .00 Nissan Sunny XV -7,78,000 .00 Nissan Sunny Diesel XL -7,98,000 .00 Nissan Sunny Diesel XV -8,78,000 .00      

Nissan Teana

nissan teana 1

Nissan Teana Nissan Teana XL -21,46,000 .00 Nissan Teana XV -25,91,000 .00

New Car From Nissan – Nissan Evalia On Roads By September 2012

new car Nissan Evalia 3

I have been hearing and reading the rumors about the launch of new car Nissan Evalia from last few months. It was first supposed to be launched somewhere in August but we at Cardekhi got some exclusive news about its launch and can now say that the new car Nissan Evalia will be launched in [...]

Nissan Micra


Nissan Micra Nissan Micra XE -4,16,500 .00 Nissan Micra XE Plus -4,37,500 .00 Nissan Micra XL -4,78,500 .00 Nissan Micra XV -5,44,300 .00 Nissan Micra Diesel XV -5,96,970 .00 Nissan Micra Diesel XV Premium -6,41,300 .00