Luxury Car Sales in the UK are growing. What are the best selling models?


Britons are known for their refined taste. Elegance is in their genes.  The English gentleman or lady is a great connoisseur of wine, fine arts and fashion. Exactly the same can be said about cars which is why, despite the double dip recession, sales of high end cars is thriving. In times when brands accross [...]

Beauties Of 2012 Pageant Of Power Car Race


Beauties Of 2012 Pageant The car racing flair is still in the air and almost all race circuits and race tracks that are a force to reckon with are gearing up for the racing season. One such recent event was the 2012 Pageant of Powerthat featured the fastest and the sleekest racing sports cars. Caterham’s [...]

Top 10 Cars For Senior Citizens – Old Men On Wheels

Nissan Versa

Top 10 Cars For Senior Citizens – Old Men On Wheels For a long time, automakers would go by a ‘rule’ which said that seniors could drive just about any car that more age-appropriate people drove. Why, they could even drive a teenager’s car for all they knew. And this rule dragged on, and the [...]

Fastest Cars In The World Under 100 K


When we talk about the fastest cars in the world, the only name which flashes in our minds is Bugatti Veyron but at the same time it is also the most expensive car in the world and only a few people can afford to own it. After writing about top 10 cars in many categories [...]

Expensive cars Bugatti Veyron Models – Troll Of Excellence


Expensive cars Bugatti Veyron is the name that itself defines the range of fastest cars. It is named after the great Bugatti development engineer Pierre Veyron. It is a famous mid-engined and grand touring car. Basically it is manufactured by Bugatti Automobiles in the Molsheim city of France. Veyron is introduced by Bugatti in the year [...]

Most Expensive Car Audi – Audi R8 GT SPYDER

Audi R8 GT Spyder

Most Expensive Car Audi – Audi R8 GT SPYDER Most expensive car from Audi according to Cardekhi records is Audi R8 GT Spyder and is priced in Germany at 207,800 Euros. This is even more powerful, lighter and even more captivating as compared to the other models of Audi. Audi R8 Spyder delivers spectacular performance. [...]

BMW 7 Series Technical Specifications, Engine Specifications

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series Whenever we see or talk about BMW cars, our mouth automatically utters… Wow!!! That’s the specialty of BMW super cars. The latest BMW 7 Series is a stream line of super luxury cars with an extraordinary comforts, services and best interiors. It is the “Fifth Generation” of BMW 7 Series, the series [...]

Mercedes Benz To Launch Inflatable Seat Belts For Rear Seat Occupants

Inflatable Seat Belts For Rear Seat

Inflatable Seat Belts For Rear Seat Occupants In Mercedes Benz Word-class German car maker Mercedes Benz is now all set to announce the inflatable seat belts soon for the rear seat passenger. It won’t be wrong if I say that Mercedes Benz is following the steps of American Car Maker Ford as they recently brought [...]

Bugatti Veyron With Detachable Roof From 2009 to 2012

Bugatti Veyron With Detachable Roof 2

Bugatti Veyron With Detachable Roof The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport 16.4 has an open top that comes with a classic detachable roof that opens up and divides into two halves. True to expectations of Bugatti lovers, the Bugatti Veyron with an open top was unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concourse in 2008 on 16th August. It was [...]

Bugatti Veyron Racing Against Lexus LFA vs Lamborghini Aventador vs McLaren MP4-12C

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse

Bugatti Veyron Racing The Bugatti Veyron’s Grand Sport, the fastest and the most expensive car in the world joined the ranks of Lamborghini Aventador, Lexus LFA, and McLaren MP4-12C to vie for the top spot in terms of speed in the 8th HEAD 2 HEAD episode of the Motor Trend You Tube channel. What makes [...]