Top Reasons to Consider a Scion

There are dozens of car manufactures to choose from when you’re shopping for a new vehicle. They all have nice features and plenty of options to make the choice that much more difficult. However, not all manufacturers cater to the same audience. Most of them aim to claim the middle-of-the-road customers that make up the […]

Beauties Of 2012 Pageant Of Power Car Race

Beauties Of 2012 Pageant The car racing flair is still in the air and almost all race circuits and race tracks that are a force to reckon with are gearing up for the racing season. One such recent event was the 2012 Pageant of Powerthat featured the fastest and the sleekest racing sports cars. Caterham’s […]

Top 10 Cars For Senior Citizens – Old Men On Wheels

Top 10 Cars For Senior Citizens – Old Men On Wheels For a long time, automakers would go by a ‘rule’ which said that seniors could drive just about any car that more age-appropriate people drove. Why, they could even drive a teenager’s car for all they knew. And this rule dragged on, and the […]

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner Toyota Fortuner 4×2 Manual -19,99,000 .00 Toyota Fortuner 4×2 AT -20,69,000 .00 Toyota Fortuner 4×4 MT -20,99,000 .00      

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Toyota Prius Z3 -27,08,493 .00 Toyota Prius Z5 -27,38,500 .00 Toyota Prius Z4 -28,40,491 .00 Toyota Prius Z6 -29,40,500 .00  

Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios Toyota Etios Liva J -4,01,993 .00 Toyota Etios Liva G -4,62,443 .00 Toyota Etios J -5,03,990 .00 Toyota Etios G -5,59,878 .00 Toyota Etios G Safety -6,05,899 .00 Toyota Etios Diesel -6,44,335 .00 Toyota Etios V -6,57,646 .00 Toyota Etios GD Safety -6,89,900 .00 Toyota Etios VX -7,03,970 .00 Toyota Etios VD -7,41,135 […]

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry Toyota Camry M/T -21,58,220 .00 Toyota Camry M/T with Moonroof -22,09,340 .00 Toyota Camry A/T -23,22,050 10.8 Toyota Camry A/T with Moonroof -23,73,170 .00      

Toyota Supra On Roads in 2015 – Truth Or Rumor

I am seeing the news all over in the automobile websites that a Toyota Supra Successor will soon hit the roads in 2015. Is this a truth or just a rumor? However after seeing the Toyota Lexus LF-A and Toyota GT-86, I was sure that the Japanese Car Manufacturer is working to bring more on […]