Convertible Volkswagen Beetle- Debutante In Beijing

The year 2012 is marked the introduction of trendy, fashionable, all new and more stylish Convertible Volkswagen Beetle. However, the previous model was rolled back once in 2010 by the company. Although an improvement was made but the option of convertibility was not there in the new car.

This option was omitted in the new car. No significant explanation was given by Volkswagen regarding this lacking of the rag-top.

Convertible Volkswagen Beetle

It is expected by many that the rag-top would soon become a part of the car just like drag top became a part of the New Convertible Volkswagen Beetle after 5 years of its advent. The next generation Convertible Volkswagen Beetle never made its debut in the New York Auto Show which it was all set to make.

It is making its debut in public in Beijing, China at the Beijing Auto Show which kicks off later this month. Well why VW is launching the vehicle in China all of a sudden when it was to be unveiled in New York? Unfortunately there is no explanation to this.

2013 Volkswagen-Beetle-Convertible

At least VB are making it quick this time to launch the model with the Convertible Volkswagen Beetle compared to the previous occasion. It will be the E-Bugster convertible version, Volkswagen’s new concept bug.

The bug lovers will be happy to hear the teasing possibility of a convertible bug, irrespective of Ragtop being on the top of the concept bug. Although Volkswagen is keeping tight lipped about the release date for any convertible models, but it is suspected that it will be either the time of late 2012 or the early 2013.

Auto China 2012 is coming up soon on the other hand. It will speak on 23rd April, the date the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition kicks off. For the moment let’s hope that VW has a drop top option for its sweet 200-horsepower Beetle Turbo.


The Convertible Volkswagen Beetle convertible will be accompanied by the E-Bugster concept showcased in Detroit along with the Cross Coupe Concept. People all over the world are eagerly waiting for the first look of the car.

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