Ferrari F12 berlinetta in Beijing Auto Show 2012

Huge crowds were seen on the Ferrari stands in the Beijing Auto Show 2012. It was the ravishing cars from Ferrari the HY-KERS and Ferrari F12 berlinetta which grabbed the attention of people present in the show.


The magnificent car from Ferrari F12 berlinetta made a grand success in the Geneva Motor Show 2012 and now rocked in the Beijing Auto Show 2012 as well. Ferrari F12 berlinetta is the first car in the list of 12-cylinder cars. The awesome car from Ferrari made its Asian debut from the Beijing Auto Show 2012.

Engine of Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Along with the Ferrari F12 berlinetta the other car which stole the show was HY-KERS concept from Ferrari. This car couples the mid rear architecture as well as the hybrid technology. The mid rear architecture will cut the CO2 emissions and the fuel consumption in the car by 40 % which is a commendable feature. This feature will also boost the performance of the cars.


Ferrari F12 berlinetta is said to be one of the most powerful road going vehicle from Ferrari. This car is powers by V12 engine and is outfitted with the electronic controls and the evolution of transaxle lay-out of Ferrari. The Ferrari F12 berlinetta also has the highly developed aerodynamics and a superlative design that boasts a pioneering yet classic beauty.

Interiors of Ferrari F12 berlinetta


The wheelbase of  F12 berlinetta is shorter and the driver’s position is lower than the earlier models of Ferrari. A new gearbox and new suspension are also included in the new  F12 berlinetta which brings out a compact tail section. Ferrari F12 berlinetta is a narrower, lower and shorter car as compared to the V12 Coupe. The weight distribution is also perfect in this car.

Ferrari F12 berlinetta has the acceleration of 3.1 seconds and it covers 0-200 km/h in just a span of 8.5 seconds. F12 berlinetta delivers an absolutely incredible performance. The car gained its most of the attention in Beijing Auto Show 2012 because of its feature of reducing the 40% CO2 emission. In a nutshell it could be said that Ferrari F12berlinetta tops its segment in terms of both performance and efficiency.

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