How To Make Your Car An Electrically Driven Vehicle

Convert Your Car Into Electrically Driven Vehicle

This is the age of ‘Go Green’. Electrically Driven Vehicle has a lot of advantages over gasoline and such other fuel driven vehicles. Electricity driven vehicles are much cleaner and less emissive than the gasoline driven ones.

Your Car An Electrically Driven Vehicle

The Gasoline powered vehicles produce 90% more emission than the Electrically Driven Vehicle  owing to their engines being much less efficient from the point of view of pollution caused.

But at this point of time we do not have any such electrically driven cars or buses or trucks or vehicles of that sort. It would not be correct to say that there are no Electrically Driven Vehicle  available. The NEV (Neighbor Electric Vehicle), with a maximum velocity of 25, is available for sale.

So your best option is to either buy a car from someone else, which has already been converted to be electrically driven or convert your own car into being Electrically Driven Vehicle . If you choose the former option of buying an already electrically converted car you may have to visit eBay, Craig’s List EVFinder or such other websites.

And if you happen to make up your mind to convert your own car into an electrically driven one, you would have to spend around $6000 for the components and another $1000 to $3000 for the batteries inclusive of installation charges. The internal combustion engine would have to be totally replaced by an electric motor along with an addition of a new set of batteries.

Your Car An Electrically Driven Vehicle 1

But if you are the kind of person who really care about our environment and the surroundings then the transition is well worth. Although the expense would increase a bit on consumption charges for each mile but the maintenance charges are sure to come down.

Before you covert your car into an electrically driven one you would like to make sure the perfect kind of cars for the purpose. It is the lightweight ones, weighing around 2000-3000lbs curb weight, that are the most suitable. With the most suitably electrically converted car you can run at a speed of 90MPH at the most while at 50MPH with the average one.

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