how to make your car run on vegetable oil

Are you concerned about the amount of greenhouse effect your car is adding to or want to save yourself some hard-earned money on the car fuel? Here’s this one for you. How about fueling your car on vegetable oil, which would result in 70% less emission of Carbon Dioxide than your car does now. Do you wonder how to make your car run on vegetable oil ?

car run on vegetable oil

The first thing that you need to do is to convert your car into be one able to run on vegetable oils. But all cars cannot be converted into one. The diesel powered cars are the only cars suitable enough for the purpose.

car run on vegetable oil 1

Actually diesel engines while designing are modeled to run on a number of fuels including vegetable oil, peanut oil and such other fossil fuels. The fuel is interposed into a compressed air chamber where it starts to combust. An old diesel car is the best recommended car for this purpose.

For instance the 1980s Mercedes-Benz diesel cars are well suited for conversion into a vegetable oil driven one. This car has got fuel injectors that can work with fuels of much higher density. To convert your car into a vegetable oil driven one you would need to spend $1500 to $3000 for components and a $1500 for labor charges. Obviously if you yourself are an expert then the conversion would cost you much less.

Although some are of the opinion that vegetable oils are good for the environment, still others opine that they are not at all environment friendly. The raw vegetable oils or cooking oil wastes cannot be utilized for fuels in vehicles as per the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), on the grounds that these oils are actually unprocessed and have not been converted into esters or biodiesel.

These categories of fuels might have their best days ahead as petroleum and diesel start getting more and more costly. This editorial may be the answer of your question of how to make your car run on vegetable oil ?

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