Jaguar F-Type (Jaguar C-X16) Sports Model To Hit Market In 2013

Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type is all set to come in the market for its fans. The company is working swiftly like a cheetah with the development of its most gossiped new sports car model. This sports car model was rumored to be related to C-X16 Coupe Concept car in Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.


The company Jaguar announced in the New York International Auto Show 2012that the new model of Jaguar to be launched in the market will be named as Jaguar F-Type. The Jaguar company officials also announced that this roadster will hit the market somewhere in mid 2013.

The related coupe concept variant is expected to arrive in the market by 2014. Adrian Hallmark the international brand director of Jaguar announced in the New York International Auto Show 2012 that they showed the C-X16 concept in Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 in September 2011. He also said that company received a great response of this announcement and so they have decided to bring upon the sports model Jaguar F-Type in the market.



The company personnel also stated in the announcement that the Jaguar F-Type sports car from Jaguar will be shown in its production form somewhere around late months in 2012.

The basic appeal in the Jaguar F-Type will be its sporting heart which is expected by much stronger than any other sports model of Jaguar.

The new to-be released F-Type Jaguar will be a two-seater car. It will be positioned under XK range and will also include a convertible model.

Jaguar F-Type, The New Sports Car From Jaguar

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