Lamborghini Ankonian A Dynamic Concept Car From Lamborghini

Lamborghini Ankonian

Lamborghini Ankonian is one of the most wonderful cars of Lamborghini which is an Italian car maker company.Lamborghini Ankonian is designed by Slavche Tanevsky who is a renowned designer of the company. He has designed it as an aggressive model of another super car the Reventón from Lamborghini.

 Designed As Jet


The size of the car is reduced to make it more environment-friendly however no hybrid technology is used in making the new Lamborghini Ankonian.

Lamborghini Ankonian is a mid engine car, that means its engine is placed between the front and the rear axles. Almost every model of Lamborghini is a mid engine car. The name given to the car is somewhat connected to the bullfighting.

The concept and the look also resemble the furtiveness of a jet fighter. The production of the stylish Ankonian is not yet determined though.

The design however seems to be a bit crazy and complicated at its first glance but the lines and intersections in the new Ankonian are given very delicately. The tension between these lines and intersection is the reason that the convex and concave surfaces are giving a strong impression of the dynamic body of the car.

The designer has kept the tail part very sleek and the canyons quite big to give an overall light appearance to the car. The hot rod posture of the car gives it a symbolic presence of arrow like door and presence of wings in the car even when it is on a standing position.

The dynamic Lamborghini Ankonian is designed with hardcore theme and the triangular design form with the shiny black and grey color give it a vibrant look. The headlight graphics are left very usual and light with the thing OLED lights which are embedded between the shiny metallic surfaces. The lights give the car an eccentric feel.


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