Mercedes Benz G-Class- New Look, New Style

Mercedes Benz G-Class

The Mercedes Benz G-Class, a rough terrain specialist, has undergone numerous changes since its conception back in 1979.The off-roader has made noticeable upgrades from the previous Mercedes Benz G-Class. After lot of research and investment, the model has come to the users expectations.

Mercedec Benz G- Class Rough Terrain Specialist


The new incarnation has best quality and well arranged interiors with instrument binnacle. It also has centre console that has been redesigned.

The driver’s vision now has a color screen lying in between two circular shaped dials. An infotainment system along with a command Online along with a Net access is there as well as the navigation system.

Spruced Up Interiors

mercedes-benz-g-class inter

With the need of the time, Bluetooth connectivity is also made available. The car has lot of interior luxury revisions. But the surprising element to observe is that all these extra sophisticated and new devices do not reduce the original Mercedes Benz G-Class appeal.

Noticeably, the passengers in the front still have the grab rail. The control switches for the three locks are highlighted in silver.

Rear View Seats


But they are still in the line of sight of the driver. Little changes on the exterior are also perceivable to go with the interior changes.

Now there is introduction of LED based running lights for daytime, mirrors for rear view are placed on the outside along with alloy wheels.

These enhancements altogether provide a more sophisticated and young outlook to the new age Mercedes Benz G-Class.

The Mercedes Benz G-Class’s true blue off- roading nature is increased by the specialized AMG radiator grille attached with double louvers. The new bumpers with an increased air intake capacity and the brake calipers are its characteristics.

Other than the general plethora of safety and security features which the previous one already possessed there are optional extras including Blind spot assisting and Parktronic.

New Generation Mercedes Benz G- Class Exterior Facelift


The G55 AMG is replaced by the V8 bi-turbo, of 5.5 liter capacity, 541 PS, G63 which come with an eco starting or stopping system. The 7G-Tronic Plus auto transmission has been updated for the new models which are being developed since 1960. The cost of the models has not yet been confirmed as yet.

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