Mercedes Benz G Class, Best SUV Designed by Mercedes

Mercedes Benz G Class, Best SUV Designed by Mercedes

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Mercedes-Benz G Class is SUV type cars designed by Mercedes. It has four wheel drive coupled with 4ETS (Electronic Traction System),  it also contain  three differential lock functions which make Mercedes Benz G series the best choice for off road driving.  It generates terrific traction resulting in impressive 80 % gradient climbing capability. Its differential locks activate individually, when needed.If in case any wheel loses a grip on road, power is redirected to that wheel to gives it best traction. Its superb style & breath taking looks makes it beautiful. Dashboard with leather trims, panels and the gearshift, instrument cluster, makes it best out of the best.


Mercedes-Benz G Class guarantees comfort whether its rocky terrain roads or smooth roads. The electrically adjustable front seat offers an option of saving your preferred seat position so that you get more time to drive rather than to adjust. The high seat position gives all round view of surroundings whereas cockpit design cabin makes efficiently do that all the buttons are within reach. The Storage spaces between the front seats can be reached through the simple touching of a button. Mercedes-Benz G Class not just caters to comfort during enjoying the ride but also takes care of comfort and convenience while ingress and egress.

The first ever model of Mercedes Benz was designed and created in 1973. It was a wooden model and was presented to Daimler-Benz management.


The last model developed till now is G55 AMG developed in 2011. It is rumored that a successor G65 AMG will soon bang in the market. This new Mercendes Benz G class is said to be twin-turbocharged 6-litre V12.

Mercedes Benz G Models with Price Tag

Mercedes Benz G Class G55 AMG -1,10,00,000 .00

Mercedes Benz CLS Class 350 BE -1,15,00,000 .00

Mercedes Benz CLS Class 63 AMG -1,24,00,000 .00

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