Mercedes Benz SL- Specially Designed SUV

Mercedes Benz SL- Specially Designed SUV 


Mercedes Benz SL- Specially Designed SUV 

Whenever we talk about the sports cars or luxury cars there are some common names that strike our mind. Mercedes is a renowned automaker of the sports as well as sedans. Mercedes benz sl is a very specially designed sports car which is available since long ago as it was first launched in 1954. It is a 2 seated sports car which is rocking the roads since it was manufactured. The sl class of Mercedes – benz has undergone many changes from the day it was developed

  • We can avail Mercedes – benz sl class in most of countries. It is mainly a German automaker company. Mainly intense care is taken while manufacturing the car, so that there is no any type of drawback in the car. Safety measures are given the most preference as it a type of sports car with the sitting capacity of 2 persons. There are available airbags and much more facilities to keep the persons inside safe. There are available so many variants in this sports car, sometimes it is difficult to choose but all the variants are best in their own way. The sl class sport car can achieve high speed upto 338kmph jus in 4.2 seconds.




Mercedes Benz SL

  • Mercedes Benz SL Class SL 350 -98,50,000

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