Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe -2,08,08,000 .00

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe -2,08,08,000 .00

Mercedes Benz SLS



Mercedes is one of the best automaker of the sports car as well as luxury cars in the world. All the cars manufactured by the German automaker are specially designed and manufactured with intense care. There are a number of models unveiled by the company and one of the best is Mercedes Benz sls. This car was firstly launched in 2009 but the sales of this 2 seated super car started in mid of 2010. This car has been designed with keeping in mind the passengers safety; also it is considered to be the safest car at formula1.


Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive; (BR 197); Paris 2012

It has one of the best 6.2 L, V8 engine which is super class in its type. Also if we consider its transmission it has 7- speed dual clutch transmission. Due to high quality engine and body being made up of aluminium and carbon it can speed up to its highest pace in very short span of time. As it is a sports car it must have a very good braking system also. The brakes used in this sports car provide capability of stopping the car with 40% more efficiency. Also because of being a sports car it is available in variety of colours, we can choose the colour that suits us the best and drive away with a very good looking car on roads.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupe -2,08,08,000 .00

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