Most Expensive Cars Made By American Car Makers

I have wrote about the top ten most expensive cars in the world in many of my posts earlier and today in this post I am going to tell you about the 5 most expensive cars in America.

So get ready to get on a crazy ride of the most expensive cars of America. If you are a long drive fanatic get some nachos ready as my list of 5 most expensive cars of America will drive you crazy.

5 Most Expensive Cars In America


SSC Ultimate Aero — $650,000


This is a not so popular super car but let me tell that it is the car which dared to take the world speed record with most expensive car of the worls Bugatti Veyron in 2006. SSC Ultimate Aero was at 257 mph. I would like to mention here that this car is considered better than Bugatti Veyron, at least on papers. Its weight is less than that of Bugatti by third of a ton.

Ford GT — $160,000


With a 0.62 mph in just a time limit of 3.8 seconds and 550 mph Ford GT is worth adding in the list of most expensive cars in America. It has a top speed of over 200 mph. The cost of Ford GT is same that of Ferrari 360 and so it manages to be one of the most expensive cars made by American Car Makers.

Saleen S7 — $550,000

Saleen S7


One major thing which Saleen is short of is its power. Though Saleen S7 looks very sweet and I guess the looks made this car one of the most expensive cars made by the American Car Makers. Don’t you dare think that it is so pricey just for the looks, it has a biblical V8 engine too and is reported to show 260 mph.

AC Cobra — $161,230

AC Cobra

AC Cobra Super Snake model was sold in an auction in 1966 and now don’t ask me why this 40 years old car is included in the list of most expensive cars made by American Car Makers. Well if you are eager to know, let me tell you that this car has 800hp and main thing is that only two of its variant was ever made.


Ford Mustang — one sold for $875,000 at auction

Ford Mustang GT-R Concept

Yes I agree that all Mustangs are not so expensive but a few of odd ones are. This is the perfect example Ford Mustang GT350 R. This car was sold in 2008 auction at $875,000.


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