Ten car maintenance tips – Do It On Your Own

How often you send your car for servicing. Be honest! I know you don’t send your car to the service center at the regular intervals. Our busy schedule actually doesn’t allow us to do so. In this piece of writing I have mentioned ten car maintenance tips . All the tips mentioned in my list are easy enough to carry out yourself.

These are some small car maintenance checks which may help you keeping your car on the roads longer. You may also hoard some considerable amount that you need to spend in the car repair. No matter you have bought a new car or a used car, these tips will surely help you out. There are several outlets worldwide selling used cars, and you can search over the web to know about them. If you are looking for cars in Hyderabad, you can find many dealers and websites where people put their cars for sale.

Some car maintenance tips

  • Check Brakes- Brakes are something which we use the most while driving the car. Every time we apply the brake a thin layer of break pad is disintegrated. Keep a check on the brake pad, drums, fittings, callipers and rotors to prevent the brake problems.
  • Check Tires- Always check the air pressure in the tires. Inadequate air pressure in tires may results in premature wearing of tires. It may also decrease the mileage of car. Keep checking the sidewall of your tires.
  • Check Lights- Keep checking the alignment of all your car lights. Also check if the lamps are working or not.
  • Check Air Filter- This is very important part of car maintenance tips . The filter protects the engine from the exterior debris thus it is very important to replace the damaged filter to ensure long life of your engine.
  • Check Oil- Do not forget to change the engine oil regularly for the proper functioning of your car engine.
  • Check Car Fluid Levels- If the car fluid levels are not appropriate it may heat up your car engine which ultimately may result in engine breakdown.
  • Check Engine Belts, Fuel Filter and Hoses – To prevent the breakdown of your car engine check the engine belts, hoses and fuel filter regularly. Replace if required.
  • Check Battery- Check if there are any corroded terminals in your car engine. Also look for any cracked or bulging case.

The above mentioned car maintenance tips will certainly help you saving your hundreds of dollars that you spend in car repair.

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