Toyota Supra On Roads in 2015 – Truth Or Rumor

I am seeing the news all over in the automobile websites that a Toyota Supra Successor will soon hit the roads in 2015. Is this a truth or just a rumor? However after seeing the Toyota Lexus LF-A and Toyota GT-86, I was sure that the Japanese Car Manufacturer is working to bring more on roads. But Iam still not sure about the Toyota Supra Successor launch.

Toyota Supra is Based On 2007 FT-HS Concept

Toyota Supra

The news of the launch of this new Toyota Supra Successor is still in very initial stage and there are no official announcements or pictures released by the car maker. I got some pictures from a Holiday Auto Magazine and so though of sharing them with my Cardekhi friends.

Toyota Supra interior

The looks of the Toyota Supra will be based on GRMN MRS Prototype, the test car. Rumors also say that the designers are working on the designs of the 2007 FT-HS Concept to design Toyota Supra. The recent launches by the Japanese car maker Toyota like Scion FR-S, LFA supercar, and the sports car Lexus GS sedan make it clear that the company is wishing to build a stylish and fun to drive car and so the new Toyota Supra is supposed to be extremely stylish.  

There are however no exact details announced by the company for the looks and features but the speculations say that the new Toyota Supra is based on an all wheel drive system. It will also boast a mid mounted engine. The car is supposed to have a 3.5 liter V6 engine which will produce 400 hp approximately.

What price do you expect for this wonderful Toyota Supra from the Japanese car maker Toyota? What all I know about the price of Toyota Supra is expected to be somewhere around $ 60,000.



As per details I got from Motor Trend Toyota may have plans to revive the Toyota Supra name. This new sport coupe will certainly be the first choice of Toyota fans


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